TAF unites best practices from classical hardware product development with agile aspects inspired by software. It helps to build the right product first and then building it right.

TAF Agile Framework

TAF Agile Framework provides a methods framework for agile mechatronic product development. It aims to reduce uncertainty towards the product within minimum time and resources by taking a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective on the product.

  • Iteratively increase knowledge by applying the scientific method to the domains of desirability, feasibility and viability.
  • Crystallize this knowledge by building prototypes and artifacts to disseminate it quickly throughout large teams.
  • Integrate best practices from traditional mechatronic development with methods inspired by lean startup, scrum and design thinking.
  • Coordinate cross-functional teams and identify critical functions in order to build the right things before building them right.

TAF is applied wherever companies need to adapt to a changing market, where the current business model or rather product lost its viability and where mechatronic products are developed de-novo.

Impressions from TAF.game workshop, where TAF is introduced playfully as an ice breaker.

Think. Make. Start.

Think. Make. Start. is a prototyping format, build around TAF, that enables talents with practical experience and know-how:

  • Experience in Agile Methods hands-on
  • Learn and apply TAF agile framework
  • Learn to collaborate and communicate in cross-functional teams
  • Experience the fast-paced atmosphere of startups and digital companies
  • Build a mechatronics product from idea to minimum fundable company, with working prototype!

Impressions from University Think. Make. Start. – 14 days from idea to working prototype.

Think. Make. Start. and TAF are iteratively improved and validated (see Research) as a university lecture at TU Munich and is creating a steady stream of startups with every iteration.

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Success cases from Think. Make. Start.: www.solosmirrors.com, www.hawadawa.com, www.kewazo.com


Agile Transformation

What can a few workshops do to your company? A lot with the right strategy. Talk to us to learn how to transform your company and make it ready for the VUCA world. It’s not just think like a startup, it’s combining the strength of a corporate’s muscle with the fearlessness of a startup’s heart.