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Professional TAF.expert™

Know TAF, apply TAF and let us help you tell the world!

Level 1 – Evangelist

People who have passed the TAF.expert test, achieving certification, demonstrate a fundamental level of TAF expertise. This certificate proves that their holder understands TAF Agile Framework as described and the concepts of applying TAF.

Level 2 – Prototyper

A level 2 certificate proves that its holder has successfully applied TAF to build an minimal viable prototype of a mechatronics product. Starting from ideation through all the three cycles of TAF, making sure the product is desirable, feasible and viable.

Level 3 – Expert

A level 3 certificate proves that its holder successfully completed a product development of a mechatronic product until market release – applying TAF during the whole life-cycle. This certificate not only proves that the theory has been understood soundly but also that it has been applied in the wild.

Professional TAF.trainer™

Love TAF and what to help others become TAF.expert™? Then apply for the TAF.trainer™ education where you will first shadow and then teach under our supervision. This will qualify you to help others become TAF.experts™!